Van Persie: It’s a miracle

The Gunners have already this season suffered five defeats.

He said: “Yes, it’s a miracle we are still in it — but we still believe we can win it.

“It’s true five defeats before Christmas is not good, it is too much and normally you would say ‘that’s it, it is all over.’

“If you look at Chelsea and Man United in recent years they have been so consistent. They were winning every time. But they’re not now.

“The top four teams are all dropping points and that means we still have a chance. Yes, we have lost to Fulham, Stoke and Hull — which is wrong because we are the better team.

“But we have also beaten Man United and Chelsea. Now if we beat Liverpool it is wide open again.

“If we beat them we are only five points behind them and it’s still not even half way, so we are definitely still in it.”