West Ham hero Tevez slams Pardew

Tevez told the People: “The old trainer did not have any confidence in me or in Mascherano and that was very detrimental to the team.

“At least a change was made on the bench and all of us have been able to get back on the right road towards saving ourselves.

“With Curbishley I understand better. At least you can talk with him. With Pardew other opinions were not allowed.”

He also said: “People talk about Chelsea and Liverpool wanting me but I have not spoken with any of these clubs.

“If it was just down to me I would stay in West Ham but at the end of the season there will be a meeting and we will see what happens.

“In the winter transfer window I was one step away from leaving the club but that would have been a personal failure and Tevez is a winner not a failure.

“The fans have been massive. The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when I hear my name being sung.

“I did not expect that when I arrived and even less so after the way things went in the first few months.”