Yeung plans to make Birmingham bigger than Villa

Yeung has named the team that will work with the club. Vico Hui has been named new Chairman while Sammy Yu and Peter Pannu has been named new vice-chairmen.

New finance chief Pannu said: “The highest we can say at this stage is we will be bringing Birmingham City up.

“And Aston Villa will be a very positive rival for us as a path to surpass.”

Pannu added, when asked hoe much money they will spend in January: “We’ll let the boss answer that!

“He has so many things in his mind to do something really good for the club and we are all very excited.

“I can tell our supporters we will not let them down.What we really want to do, is foster better relations with the supporters.

“There are quite a few fans in the past year or two that the club has lost, and we want to be extending our hearts and our hands to them, and to bring all those missing supporters back to us.”