Chelsea legend Desailly: Sheva doesn’t need to prove himself

Marcel Desailly believes Andriy Shevchenko will silence his critics and become a success at Chelsea.

He said: “Shevchenko is a top player and does not need to prove himself.

“For the moment, he is not performing. But let’s wait and I’m sure he will help Chelsea win the Champions League.

“When you leave a club like Milan you need time to set up psychologically and he had a lot of problems adapting himself to the English game and a new club.

“Even if you are a top player you might lose a bit in terms of your condition.

“As soon as he gets his confidence you will see the difference — he will be a different player.”

He added: “Shevchenko has Champions League experience. He likes to be the one that everyone is focused on.

“When it comes to Europe, I’m sure everyone will look at him and the motivation can come from there.

“He feels like he came to Chelsea to win things. Last year, although it was good, they only won the two domestic cups and he needs more.”

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