AC Milan defender Maldini: I’ll be fit for Champions League final

The Italian legend was out with a injury in last night’s clash with Manchester United.

Maldini said: “I am not used to being on the sidelines, so it was painful for me. I knew the team was in good shape and we have proved once again that back in October when we said we’d reach Athens those were not just words.

“Despite all the injuries and various other problems that we have dealt with, we have been brilliant and I am proud to be captain of a team like this.”

He added: “I have a similar injury to the one I had last season, so I have every intention of carrying on next term. If we had been eliminated I would’ve undergone surgery immediately, but instead I will do everything I can to be ready for the Final in Athens.

“It will be my eighth Final and after two years we still want to take centre stage. This side is not afraid of anything.”