AC Milan keeper Dida: Man Utd are just lucky

Dida said: “The duel between Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo did not even exist in the end.

“Kaka won that one clearly – not only by two goals to one but by his work on the field.

“Ronaldo was just not that great. I believe the nerves and the responsibility proved too much for him.”

Dida continued: “Rooney’s goal was just lucky. It was so far out anything could have happened.

“By beating us, Manchester United have not proved they are better than us.

“In fact, they are very lucky the tie is not over already.

“With the score at 2-1 to Milan they were very close to going out.

“If we had taken our chances to make it 3-1 then the match and the tie would have been closed out.”