AC Milan’s Cafu: We’ll get through this

The Brazilian told the Milan Channel: “Defeats are always hard to accept, it’s not easy but we must absolutely try to react and get past this period, although we know it won’t be easy. It’s a tough period, but we know that two-three consecutive victories would put things back on track, to create a good feeling again and look ahead with more confidence.”

“On Saturday we lost, even though we played a good game. The same happened in the derby, where we didn’t do badly, but still lost 4-3. That’s the way it’s going right now: we are playing well enough but not winning points. We have to be a bit more careful to get the full three points.”

He added: “What if feels like to look at Milan’s position in the league? It’s not nice to see we have just 7 points. Nobody expected to get into this situation but just as we got ourselves into it, we will get out of it. We have to get on the pitch and play better and try to get a series of good results. Only like this can we get a better position in the league.”