Agent: Tosic to complete Man Utd move in January

Zoran Pavlovic says he has been working on the move for over two months.

“I have been working on his transfer for over two months now,” Pavlovic told Belgrade TV station B-29.

“It’s obvious why we hid everything from the public because Manchester United was really interested, but the work permit was quite a bit of trouble.

“Then, in agreement with Manchester, we decided to make an appeal for the work permit and try to get it. Mr Ferguson got involved personally and we managed to solve the problem.

“The next thing is the realisation of the transfer. I hope that on 1st January, Tosic will become a player of the current Champions League winners.”

The 21-year-old Serbia international said: “I was told that about 10 days ago Manchester had sent an appeal for my work permit.

“I don’t know what will follow, but I suppose that I have four games left for Partizan.”