Alonso: Judge us at the end of the season

Rafael Benitez’s side has struggled so far this season, and have experienced a lot of criticism following their defeat against Bolton on Saturday.

Alonso told LFC Magazine: “In England I have found that the media are not interested in the bigger picture. As far as they are concerned you are only as good, or as bad, as your last result.

“If you have won comfortably then you are a great team and you are going to be challenging for the title at the top of the league.

“Yet, if you have lost, then you have big problems and something has to be done to change things. All week they will talk about it but then if you win the next week you are a much better team again.

“That is one of the main reasons why I do not read English papers. I choose to read only papers from back home, but it is the same in Spain and all of the big football countries and seems to be more and more a part of the modern game.

“People have to try and analyse football with a little more distance and perspective if they want to do it properly.

“We know that we can still do things better than we are doing them now, but it’s not a problem for us. We have nothing to fear if we keep playing like we did against Newcastle, Chelsea and Spurs.

“With the way that FIFA have the schedule now, with all the international matches to be played, it’s only normal that teams are taking time to find their feet and it’s no surprise to me, or to anybody at the club, that around Europe a lot of big teams are starting their seasons slowly.

“I would say that none of the so-called giant teams have started the season the way they ended last season but not every club receives the same level of criticism. Some get it and others are spared but that’s okay because we are only interested in ourselves. We have just started the season and we will see where we are in May.”