Alonso: There is a ‘war’ at Liverpool

Benitez is looking to sign a new contract, but wants more control over transfers before signing a deal.

Alonso told The Sun: “The owners and Rafa seem to be involved in a tug of war.

“Even if they are trying to resolve it for the better of the club, there is no question in my mind when you have the right man for the job, securing his continuity is important.

“We’ve been through our bad moments but constant change, or change for the sake of it, isn’t a good thing at a club like this.

“It’s a subject between Rafa and the owners and the team must not let it affect us at any cost but my personal bet is Rafa will stay with Liverpool.

“When he came here, Liverpool had a massive history but they had lost competitiveness compared to the other European greats — and had spent a long time without winning major trophies.

“From his arrival to now, you can feel the progress and that he’s put Liverpool back where they once were — amongst Europe’s greats and aspiring to win everything we enter.”