Are Manchester United the new Liverpool?

A few weeks ago former Liverpool skipper Alan Hansen compared the current United side with the last Liverpool team to win the title back in 1990.

David Moyes has failed to impress so far since replacing Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager.

Hansen feels Moyes needs to break up the current United team as it simply is not good enough to win the Premier League title without Ferguson in charge.

Hansen wrote in his column in the Telegraph: “He is having to meet the challenge of replacing Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager at the same time as breaking up a team which, in my opinion, was only able  to win two of the last three Premier League titles because of the  sheer force of Ferguson’s will and personality.

“It is too early to say we are now witnessing the end of the empire at Old Trafford, but alarm bells are ringing and there are clear similarities between the United of 2013 and the last Liverpool team to win the title back in 1990.”

If you look at the Man Utd away games at the start of this season, they have actually managed to grab more points from those games than their games at home. Is Moyes and his new team struggling with the pressure at Old Trafford?

Hansen continued: “Liverpool began to flounder because they failed to replace good players with better ones and the club has paid a heavy price in the two decades since.

“United have more depth and quality than the 1990 Liverpool side, but I would say that the two first-teams are comparable in terms of the issues they faced. Both could be described as ageing teams that needed breaking up, but with issues over those brought in as younger replacements.

“Having won the title last season with a team that could hardly be described as one of the club’s best-ever, United made a mistake this summer by failing to add the quality that they clearly need.

“Moyes’s first objective should have been to look at every position vigorously and ask whether he could get better players in each department.

“If not, then United should still have gone out and signed three or four players who were just as good as they had because the secret to success is strengthening while you are on top, regardless of how you won the year   before.”

This is probably something that Moyes and the rest of his team sees. United will need to make several major signings both in January and next summer if they are to coninue staying at the top of the Premier League. Moyes needs to have his team impress in front of the home fans in the upcoming events live at Old Trafford

There is plenty of work left to be done if they are to avoid becoming the new Liverpool. The question is, will Moyes be given three-four years to rebuild the current United team?