Arsenal legend Wright: FA should axe Rob Styles

Wright told the Sun: “It annoys the hell out of me when I see a referee such as Rob Styles deliver a joke decision which changes the complete direction of a game.

“His decision to award Manchester United a penalty after a perfectly good tackle from Bolton’s Jlloyd Samuel on Cristiano Ronaldo was just diabolical.

“Completely embarrassing. If that decision had been made in a Sunday League game the ref would probably have taken some serious abuse on his way back to his car after the game.

“The problem I have with Styles is that he keeps making cock-ups. There is something clearly wrong with his decision-making as it was his fourth clanger in just over a year.

“At the start of last season, he awarded Chelsea a dodgy penalty against Liverpool.

“He was then demoted to League Two after turning down two penalties in a match between United and Blackburn.

“And, worst of all, he gave a penalty against Manchester City’s Sun Jihai after a shoulder-to-shoulder collision with Birmingham’s Gary McSheffrey.”