Arsenal legend Wright: FA should axe Rob Styles

Arsenal legend Ian Wright says it is time the FA axed referee Rob Styles, following his performance in the match between Manchester United and Bolton.

Wright told the Sun: “It annoys the hell out of me when I see a referee such as Rob Styles deliver a joke decision which changes the complete direction of a game.

“His decision to award Manchester United a penalty after a perfectly good tackle from Bolton’s Jlloyd Samuel on Cristiano Ronaldo was just diabolical.

“Completely embarrassing. If that decision had been made in a Sunday League game the ref would probably have taken some serious abuse on his way back to his car after the game.

“The problem I have with Styles is that he keeps making cock-ups. There is something clearly wrong with his decision-making as it was his fourth clanger in just over a year.

“At the start of last season, he awarded Chelsea a dodgy penalty against Liverpool.

“He was then demoted to League Two after turning down two penalties in a match between United and Blackburn.

“And, worst of all, he gave a penalty against Manchester City’s Sun Jihai after a shoulder-to-shoulder collision with Birmingham’s Gary McSheffrey.”