Arsenal reveals record profit

The turnover of Arsenal’s parent company increased to £313.3million from £223million for the year ending 31st May.

The Gunners’ profit was an all-time high of £32.5million, but Hill-Wood insists results on the pitch will always come first.

“The group’s profits have now risen in each of the three years in which Emirates Stadium has been our home,” Hill-Wood said in his report.

“This is excellent news, although I should perhaps stress that making and reporting profits is not in itself the primary objective for the directors.

“First and foremost we are supporters of this great football club and, as such, our main goal will always be the achievement of success for Arsenal on the field.

“The group’s profitability is important because it is a by-product of running the club as a solvent and successful business, which in turn allows us to maximise the level of investment in the playing staff and in the future development of the club.”