Arsenal striker Walcott: I’ll be raring to go

The 18-year-old former Southampton star said: “I will be fully fit for the new season, as long as I have a good pre-season and don’t pick up any injuries.

“I’ll be raring to go — the same goes for the whole squad.

“It’s been seven-and-a-half weeks since the operation and everything is going well.

“I’ve started light training with the ball and running. The operation had to be done but it feels so much better now, I feel so good.

“I played with it the whole season but it gradually got worse.

“It kept on popping out and it concerned me, it was always in my head that it would happen again.

“I started playing with a strapping and that wasn’t comfortable at all.

“It helped a little bit but the operation had to be done. I couldn’t play in that kind of pain.

“At some stages I was playing with one arm effectively. I was too scared to try and push people off with my arm because it kept popping out. It wasn’t nice at all.

“I’ll come back two weeks before pre-season starts with Robin van Persie and Thierry Henry.

“That’s when my season begins and I’m really looking forward to it.”