Aston Villa boss wants midfielders to score more

O’Neill believes they need a ‘goal-scoring midfield’ in order to be successful in the Premier League.

“I think if you are going to be successful, you have to have a goal-scoring midfield,” explained O’Neill.

“You would have to be exceptionally lucky to go through a season and not have someone scoring from midfield, and yet still be really successful. We should be sharing goals around more.

“We should be getting more from midfield. That is something we haven’t really had here. In my time here Gareth Barry scored although a lot of his were penalty kicks.

“If you are playing with three in the middle of the pitch, and we have done it sometimes, with a lone centre-forward then I think the onus is on the midfield to get into the box, past the centre forward and score.

“I keep telling midfielders they are worth their weight in gold if they can get into double figures. That is why players like Frank Lampard are so brilliant.

“He is one who will get you 20 goals a season, every season.”