Balde rules out Premiership move

Balde told the Daily Record: “I know nothing about Aston Villa and I’m not even thinking about that.

“I have three years left on my contract, which is okay as I’ve been away for six months after having an operation, but I’m now on my way back.

“I had a good time working for Martin but I have my contract here and I have too much respect for the club to speak about O’Neill as he’s no longer in charge.

“Playing now is not my main focus because I have to get my fitness back and I’m worrying about nothing else. I’m delighted to see the team doing well and I’m certainly not waiting for them to fail before I get my place back.

“I want the team to keep winning for as long as possible because I want the club to get as high as they can in Europe and that’s why I signed a long contract.

“It’s not frustrating as I helped the team win the league last season and helped set them up for the Champions League. I knew when I was helping the club last season I would need to get an operation and be out for the long term.

“So for me it’s not a problem if I’m not out on the pitch as I’m still delighted to be on board with this club. I’ve been here for five years and I’m a part of that even if I’m not on the pitch.

“I have played my part in getting the club to where they are.”