Banfield: Lupoli will get better

Banfield told “Arturo is a natural goalscorer. I think going to Derby and playing at the sharp end, where there’s a physical side of the game, will help him improve on something he needs to work on. He’s played reserve football for two years now and scored goals, but he now needs to move up to that next stage. We think Derby will help bridge that gap before he really pushes into the first-team squad here.

“Loaning players out is a development cycle. Obviously the Premiership is such a high standard, and if players are not in the first-team squad but are playing regular reserve football they need that next step. We feel sending them out to Championship teams and lower Premiership clubs does that.

“By playing first-team football at that level they’re playing where the points really do matter and where there’s a little but more of an edge to it [the competition]. That helps finish off their development before they come back and Arsene decides whether they’re going to make the first-team squad, or if they have to seek their careers elsewhere.”

“I think all Arturo can do is what he’s doing at the moment and continue learning the game. Again, it’s down to the manager [Wenger] to look at his progress and decide if and when he uses him.”