Barcelona ace Eto’o: I’m obsessed with my knee

Eto’o said: “I think about it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“People might say I’m obsessed. But so what? I’m obsessed with returning to play as I did before this happened. My knee still isn’t the same. I also must get used to the pace of games again. Before all this, I could wake up at anytime during the day and play a full 90 minutes.

“I do have fears. I fear injuring the knee again, or that it doesn’t respond to the treatment I’m having.

“I’ve said I won’t be 100 per cent for a year – but that doesn’t mean I can’t play well. All I was saying was that I won’t have the same muscle definition for another 12 months. Just look at Xavi and what he did six months after he injured his knee.”