Bellamy want Liverpool to win title

West Ham managed to get a goalless draw against the Reds at Anfield on Monday.

“We need points at the moment, obviously,” he told Setanta Sports.

“But, look, I’d love to see Liverpool win every game from now until the end of the season, except when they play us because, obviously, I’m a West Ham player now.

“We tried to make it as frustrating as we could for them – we got men behind the ball – but we also tried to attack when we had the opportunity.

“We did have one or two decent opportunities as well.”

He added: “I played here and it’s very difficult to get a result here because they’re an outstanding team with outstanding players and probably the best support in the world.

“We know we’re up against it. You can hold back and try and counter-attack and we did do that and maybe we could’ve got a goal at the end.”