Benitez looking for Chelsea win

“A Premier League season is very long and we now have a tough game coming up at Chelsea, which will show where we are headed,” said the Spanish tactician.

“To win the title you have to do well against your direct rivals – we failed to do that last year.”

“It goes without saying that it will be difficult against Chelsea if they take the lead,” he continued.

“But we will take the right conclusions from the games against Manchester City and Wigan.

“It would be nice for our fans if we could lead by two or three goals at the break and they could enjoy the match.

“If it continues like this I will have to seek a neurologist,” he quipped. “I don’t like these late comebacks.

“Yet we demonstrated the will to win. The will makes us strong!”

“Dirk played superbly against Man City and Wigan,” he added.

“It is often said that he scored too little in the Premier League – but he scored twice in the game against Wigan, so I cannot share this criticism.

“Dirk has proved he can play in every position on offence and that he is very determined.

“The loss of defender Martin Skrtel has been the worst thing that has happened this season.

“Although with Dan Agger and Sami Hyypia fit again, we are in a much better position than we were at the same time last season.”