Benitez was Inter Milan’s first choice

The former Liverpool boss was confirmed as Inter Milan’s new manager on Thursday.

“Benitez was the underlying choice, the one we chose first, then after we had others who came in and offered themselves, but he was always the person we thought was best suited to this situation,” said Moratti.

“We chose him because we think he can guarantee our future, I hope this happens.

“From a human point of view he seems to me to be a substantial person, he has different characteristics to Mourinho but that is also important because as I said right from the beginning I didn’t want a Mourinho imitator but I wanted someone who would have their own characteristics, their own personality, and he has that.

“He is a very serious person, a great worker, which was the main thing, and moreover he has a good experience of European football. Our choice is prudent, it’s careful, and we hope that destiny proves us right.”