Bolton boss pleased with performance against Man City

But the Trotters was disappointed to only take a point from City in the 3-3 draw.

He told Sky Sports: “I think the way the game went, with us taking the lead three times and playing exceptionally well against one of the bigger clubs in this country, we are disappointed that we haven’t picked up three points. But if before the game anyone had said that we would have got a point I think they would have felt that was stretching it a little bit.

“But I thought we were terrific, everyone one of them worked their socks off.

“We played some decent stuff at times and at times we looked a bit hesitant, but I would expect that given the position we are in. But that has got to be a pointer for us and allow us to take our season forward now.”

He added: “We didn’t drop. There have been times when we have gone a goal behind and heads haven’t dropped but the atmosphere changes and it gets very difficult.

“But today we stressed the importance of scoring the opening goal, we always do, and of late we haven’t done that. But today we scored that first goal and then the opposition have to come at you.

“Today, even though the first goal was offside, I think Jussi (Jaaskelainen) would save their first goal if Tevez’s shot doesn’t get a wicked deflection off Tamir (Cohen) and Robbo’s (Paul Robinson) got a deflection to the second one as well.

“Not taking anything away from City, but I don’t think things are going right for us at the moment in terms of fortune.”

Bolton will face fellow strugglers West Ham on Tuesday in the Premier League.

“It was a good performance from the team, some better than others, but there was nobody I was particularly disappointed with,” he added.

“Hopefully on Tuesday we can pick up from where we left off. Hopefully Klasnic is fit, because I’m being told I don’t know what I’m doing when I bring him off but he had come over five minutes beforehand and told me he needed to come off.

“That’s the way things go and I have to put up with that, but hopefully we can pick up where we left off.”