Cahill: Everton is not a small club

The Spaniard labelled Everton a “small club” after the goalless draw between the two clubs on Saturday.

Cahill told Sky Sports News: “My first initial reaction was that it was very harsh, but after I’d thought about it, I thought he was very frustrated.

“He’s a manager, and our manager (David Moyes) gets frustrated as well.

“It’s not something I like to emphasise too much on, but he knows we’re not a small club.

“They’re a massive club, they beat Chelsea 2-0 at home, and it pays respect and a compliment to the manager and to the players that we frustrated them that much.

“We had a game plan. We wanted them to boot the ball long and tried to upset their game, and that’s what happened.

“To get a draw at Anfield is massive, and four points out of six (this season), I don’t really need to say any more.”