Cesc to be back in a month

The Spaniard kicked a football again for the first time since Christmas this week.

Fabregas wrote in his column in The Sun: “If everything goes to plan, I will be back in action for Arsenal in four weeks.

“That will leave me plenty of time to make sure this season is not a complete write-off — for me or for the club.

“Tomorrow will be exactly 11 weeks since I ruptured my medial ligament during Arsenal’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool at the Emirates.

“It has been the longest and most frustrating lay-off of my career. I cannot remember any time in my entire life when I have gone so long without kicking a ball.

“But now I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And this week has been a big stepping stone on my road to recovery.

“Because on Monday I was given the green light to start working with a ball again.

“And I cannot tell you how good that feels after all those weeks of running and gym work.

“Obviously I am still taking things gently. I’m not putting my full weight behind the ball and I’m certainly not involved in any physical contact yet.

“For now I’m happy just to pass the ball gently with my right foot, run in possession in a straight line and begin to start twisting and turning.”