Chelsea ace thought about joining Inter Milan

Former Blues boss Jose Mourinhos had just been appointed as manager of Inter Milan and was keen to bring in Lampard.

“At the time, if I am honest about it, I did have thoughts about going to Inter,” Lampard said in the Daily Star.

“It was a difficult time for me in my life. Things had happened for me personally and everybody knows how I feel about Jose Mourinho.

“It was never a case of wanting to leave Chelsea to go to a team in England – that would be impossible for me.”

“I’d like to finish my career here now, but then I didn’t know what I wanted,” he continued.

“I thought maybe it was something I could, but it is the best thing I have done, not going to Inter.”

He said: “I’ll never forget what my mum and my dad said to me at the time, ‘Don’t forget when you walk away from the ground everyone is singing your name, don’t forget what these people have given to a West Ham boy moving across London’.

“That kind of thing made me think and I am positive that I made the right decision.”