Chelsea boss Mourinho: I want to be more mellow this season

He said: “I want to be more mellow this year. I am what I am but, at the same time, people use my personality to create something that is not true.

“It is normal if I am emotional or if I react to something that is not fair.

“But people have an image of me that’s incorrect and now I want it to be different.

“I want to get better results and be more entertaining this season. We will play 4-3-3 a lot of the time and I think that is correct.

“If you put the last three years together, Chelsea have been the best team in the Premier League.

“But I want more. It will be good for the club to play differently. The tendency is for our opponents to close up — so we need to be more open.

“Width is important in a team like ours and we have the right quality of wingers.

“The 4-3-3 leaves Shevchenko in a fight with Drogba and Pizarro for one position.

“Last season we played very well as a team with the resources available — but not with the same flair, speed and dynamism as in previous years.

“This season, with the players we have available, we have to go for it.”