Chelsea boss Mourinho: We need cover for African Cup

Mourinho said: “I know what Chelsea has to face next season. I know the African Cup will take five players for a couple of months.

“Two are midfield players and two are strikers. So we will lose Drogba, Kalou, Essien and Mikel. It is a big problem in relation to next season.

“I think this is a crucial point in that respect. Glen Johnson is more mature with one year of experience in the Premiership. He will come back.

“Normally, Chelsea with two more players can keep a good balance and a good squad which will be protected from the problems we had this season.

“It is not possible to have so many injuries like this season. But I cannot have a squad of 30 players and four goalkeepers like I have at the moment.

“The African Cup is the problem we have to think about. The central defensive position is a something we have to think about as well because clearly we were short of players.

“But the Chelsea squad will be 75 or 80% the same as it is now.”