Chelsea threatened us with lawsuits – Authors

The book puta Chelsea in a very bad light in the John Obi Mikel case.

The authors describe in the book how Chelsea in an illegal way secured the rights to John Obi Mikel when the Nigerian was just 16-years-old.

A contract that was shown in the business newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv a few days ago, showed that Mikel’s dad, Michael Obi, signed a deal on behalf of his son so that John Obi was linked to Chelsea.

Johansson told VG Nett: “We believe to reveal that Chelsea in the Mikel case has violated article 19 of FIFA regulations, which govern the player transitions.

“You are not allowed to sign contracts with players that are under 18-years-old from outside the EU.

“This was introduced in 2001 when FIFA discovered a major problem of trafficking of children from Africa.

“Chelsea violates this article by entering into an agreement with the father of Mikel at 15th of December 2003, when Mikel was 16-year-old, through the agency SEM.

“In the contract we have, it says the agency SEM do this on behalf of Chelsea. It is a concrete document that we have.”

He added: “We have worked with the book since January, and early in the process Chelsea threatened us with lawsuits through their communications director. We had not published anything, but found some information that we requested comments on.”

Johansson believes Chelsea’s massive lawsuit aimed at Lyn, is a diversion maneuver from the Premier League club.

He said: “I doubt that this goes to trial, because I think Chelsea have little interest in getting this examined by the High Court.

“I do not know what the motive is, but suspect that this is an diversion from the Chelsea side to remove the spotlight from what Chelsea have done in the Mikel case, and direct it at Morgan Andersen and Lyn.”