Chelsea will not sell Real Madrid target

Cole has been linked with a move away from Chelsea following his separation from wife Cheryl and Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho is keen to bring him to the Santiago Bernabeu.

“Ashley Cole is not for sale,” said Buck in The Guardian. “That’s the bottom line on that. There’s no doubt that he’s going to be a Chelsea player this season.

“Ashley is a superb player. He is a delight to deal with around the football club, he gets on very well with everyone, he trains very well and he is really a model athlete.

“Obviously, he is not happy with how his private life has become the focus of everything around him and I think we’d like to work with him so that he has a bit of a lower profile.

“We don’t think the problem will change if he went to somewhere else outside of the UK, so I think we want to work with him here to make his personal life more enjoyable.

“We say to all our players that might have personal issues that we want to help them as much as we can and even Carlo [Ancelotti] has said that on several occasions.”