Chelsea’s Mourinho: Sheva has won the right to be in the line-up for Sunday

Mourinho said: “I am happy with his performance. Not just for the goals.

“Sheva gave us what we need and it is not easy to do it with a click of the fingers.

“This is Chelsea, it is a Jose Mourinho team with specific qualities and a specific philosophy.

“He needed time to adapt and if he can repeat what he did in terms of his movement, his contribution for the team, his effort to create spaces, his work when we didn’t have the ball and pressing opponents, he is arriving at where we want him to arrive.

“In football, in some issues, it is very simple. One of the principles in my work is that the best players during the week, the ones that work more and perform game after game, are the players that get on the pitch.

“What I do with him, I do with every player. For me every player is the same, it doesn’t matter if he cost £30million and the other £300,000, it doesn’t matter.

“Players have to work and perform, if they work and perform I love them, if they don’t work and perform, I don’t.

“I am very happy that Sheva got the message and I am very happy with what he did. If somebody thought I was not playing him because I have a personal situation with him – it is a very silly thought.

“It is a thought from somebody that doesn’t understand the game. I want to win so I have to play the players I think are best for the team. I don’t play them because they have beautiful eyes, or they are the first ones into training or the last to leave the showers.

“So, at this moment, Sheva has won the right to be in the line-up for Sunday. That’s what he won today.

“I think it is a process. You cannot open a player’s head and put your philosophy inside. It is not easy. He came here after seven years with another club, he has a different manager and colleagues.

“Their philosophy and mentality is the same as mine because they have been with me for three years. It is not easy to come and do it directly. It takes time. We had to wait and give him a chance.”