Cole never spoke to team-mate at Man Utd

Manchester United legends Roy Keane and Andy Cole
Manchester United legends Roy Keane and Andy Cole. Photo by Shutterstock.

Andy Cole has revealed that he played in complete silence with his former Manchester United teammate Dwight Yorke.

Despite their on-field chemistry, Cole and Yorke, key figures in United’s 1999 Treble-winning squad, never communicated during matches.

Cole, who joined Manchester United from Newcastle in January 1995, shared this surprising detail when he visited what some regard as one of the best football podcasts this week.

The ex-England striker emphasized that he and Yorke’s non-verbal partnership was a unique aspect of their successful collaboration.

The 52-year-old said on the Stick to Football podcast: “I never spoke to Yorke on the pitch.”

Former United team-mate Gary Neville then interrupted Cole and said: “What? I knew you were quiet but?”

Cole continued: “No, I never spoke to Yorke. I just look at Yorke.

“But sometimes too much information on a football pitch is too much.

“So basically me and Yorke played in silence. We just look at each other.”