DIC furious with Liverpool behaviour

A highly-placed Dubai source told the Daily Mail: “The Maktoums had a verbal agreement and a handshake from Mr Moores and they thought they had a deal. The decision to pull out came from the very top.

“Negotiations with Moores had been conducted by Sameer Al Ansari, who is a long-standing Liverpool fan. By comparison, Gillett would not know Liverpool from a hole in the ground.

“The deal was originally brokered by a Liverpool fan who wanted to buy the club because he was a Liverpool fan. Because of that he convinced his bosses that it would be a good investment.

“But if Liverpool came back to the table now, they would have to convince not only Hansari, but his bosses and their bosses, the royal family, and that won’t happen.

“The Maktoums are the same in all their business dealings – if they don’t like it, they don’t do it.”