Diego warns Chelsea’s Ballack

Diego said: “I think it is only natural that the German supporters will try to bother and irritate Michael Ballack in this match. It happened in London and will happen again here.

“Chelsea are a team that deserves a lot of respect. But we will be playing at home, with our supporters pushing us on. And, besides, we need a win to stand a chance in the last game against Barcelona.

“We are unbeaten for quite a long time, so our confidence is high. We can win. I am sure about that.”

Chelsea won 2-0 in the match at Stamford Bridge.

He added: “When we lost to Chelsea, it wasn’t exactly a lesson.

“We found out something we already knew – that you just can’t make any mistakes when you play Chelsea. The price is so high for any error.

“We had lots of opportunities in London and I really don’t think we deserved to lose.

“They had a few and scored twice. In those big matches, chances are rare. So we have to take them.

“Some people have suggested Chelsea aren’t as good away from home. But I don’t see that. They are the same players and as good away as at home.

“And there is no doubt Didier Drogba is Chelsea’s most dangerous weapon. He is on fire and one of the main guys we have to watch for during the 90 minutes. They are a great team but we are as well.

“Our defence is strong, yet everyone knows our side is very offensive-minded. We need to be balanced, compact and impose our own style of football. If we can do that, and avoid silly mistakes at the other end, we stand a great chance.”