Donovan enjoying life at Everton

Donovan has impressed for the Toffees since joining the club on loan from MLS side Los Angeles Galaxy.

“I made sure I knew what I was getting into with Everton. I thought about what I needed to do and I prepared physically and mentally a lot in the two weeks leading up to coming here,” the 27-year-old told the Daily Express.

“I have been lucky with Everton because the fundamentals of this team are similar to the ideas I have.

“I want to play well and perform, but I want the team to succeed and do well most of all. We fit in that sense.”

Everton face Manchester United at Goodison Park on Saturday.

“I am not sure I will be looking forward to seeing Wayne Rooney,” said Donovan.

“Seriously, it is good to see players up close. When you watch on TV you don’t always get the full picture and in a game you kind of sense things: ‘Oh he did that well’, ‘He did this well’, ‘Maybe he isn’t as good at that’.

“Those things will help. I feel I have picked up little pieces on the players like (Steven) Gerrard, (John) Terry and (Frank) Lampard since I’ve been here, but players play differently for their countries than they do for their club sides.

“The flip side is that they will have seen me a little bit and will know about me, but so far the overall trip has been fantastic.

“From a confidence standpoint, being at Everton will help me to play against any player in the world. I don’t have any fear that I can play and be successful against anyone.”