Drogba attack selfish Chelsea teammate Shevchenko

Drogba told The Sun: “On Shevchenko’s side I don’t really sense the desire to collaborate.

“I think that as a big signing he believes he is obliged to justify his transfer fee with goals at any cost. I love to share but when I give, I appreciate it when I get something back.

“That’s what happened with Hernan Crespo. But let’s say it is a little different this season.

“That is a real pity because everyone would have something to gain if we really worked together. I have tried to understand his position and get an explanation.

“I’ve never been afraid of competition and did not see him as a threat.

“We know we are not rivals because, unlike in the past years, there is room for two in attack this season.

“I understand it is a really difficult situation for him to handle. But you have to think of the team first.”