Faubert keen on West Ham exit

The 27-year-old has not featured for West Ham since their Carling Cup semi-final dea to Birmingham last month.

“My story with West Ham is at an end,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“I worked flat out for them, even when my mother died, and I have never created any problems.

“If they told me I’m not playing because I am no good I would understand, but that is not the case. I am in good shape and just want to play, but I don’t expect anything more here.

“My future lies elsewhere and I hope they will not try to prevent me leaving.”

Faubert failed to turn up for a game against Birmingham earlier this month.

“At the time of the Birmingham game, my newly-born son was ill and in hospital. I spent the Friday and Saturday with him and could not go to training,” he explained.

“My bosses knew the situation. On the eve of the match they told me I was in the reserve squad, but when I turned up on the Sunday the assistant manager told me the first team needed me as a player was injured.

“So I jumped in my car, rushed home and then on to Upton Park – but when I got there surprise, surprise – nobody was injured and I was not in the squad.

“I left the ground, as players do in these situations, and went to see my son as he had suffered a relapse. The hospital was an hour’s drive away.

“On my way I got a phone call saying that a lad (James Tomkins) had got injured five minutes before the kick-off, and that I had to come back to replace him – but that was impossible.

“Afterwards the bosses said I had not wanted to return, and that I lacked respect for them. They made me out to be a mercenary.

“West Ham were simply looking for excuses after their defeat against Birmingham. This chapter is now closed – but so is mine at the club.”