Fulham boss Sanchez slams Arsenal as divers

Fulham boss Sanchez fumed: “I haven’t seen the penalty incident but there were three simulations that went unopposed.

“That gives people the impression they can get away with it. It doesn’t surprise me the penalty was given when they go down in the box.”

There were three penalty claims during the first half of the match.

He continued: “If they weren’t penalties, then they were simulation. It’s either one or the other. I said to ref Phil Dowd ‘You can’t keep having people going down in the box and it’s not penalties’.

“If Phil had booked someone with it, people wouldn’t have been as ready to go down in the box.

“I was at the same meeting with Arsene Wenger and refs’ chief Keith Hackett and they did say that simulation was going to be a big ‘no’ this year.”