Hargreaves: To play for Man Utd would be a dream come true

Hargreaves said on Five’s John Barnes’ Football Night: “I was flattered by United’s interest in the summer and I made my intentions clear as to what I would have liked to have happened.

“They thought I would add a piece to their puzzle and, with my local connections, I think I could have added something to them.”

He added: “To have the opportunity to play for a club like Man United would be a dream come true.

“I think United is one of the biggest and best clubs in the world.

“Any time a club of that standard shows an interest, you simply have to be happy. Especially as I play for England, my dad’s from Bolton and all his family are still there.

“I’m under contract at Bayern but it is important, when you believe in something, that you make it clear and say the things you believe in.

“Although I received criticism at the time – the Germans said I shouldn’t do that sort of thing – I believed in what I said and that’s why I said it.

“In my opinion it is important that, if you would like something to happen, you see to it.

“I think it’s an honour that United are interested in me, especially when you look at the squad of players they already have there.”