Hoeness: Chelsea are up for sale

The 57-year-old also claims he has heard that Chelsea are up for sale.

“I hear rumours that this club [Chelsea] would be up for sale,” he told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

“Allegedly, it was for one euro. But if you will have to take on 800 or 900 million euros in debt, it will be difficult to find someone.

“I hear the players in England are already mourning because of the weak pound, which has lost 30 percent of its value. Most now have quite a loss.

“Take for example, in England, West Ham United with the Icelandic investor who has lost his money. As the lights go out, this is as safe as the Amen in the church [certain that the conclusion is bleak]. And, in Liverpool, a new stadium will not be built.

“This is really only the beginning. The banks will finance this whole insanity no more.

“We do not need an investor or the bank to ask if we want to strengthen. We have perfect conditions and full coffers.

“There are signs that the megalomania in England, Italy or Spain can no longer hold out. The others, who have spent hundreds of millions each year, will be quite sustained.

“The distance to them will be smaller. Here, I see a great opportunity for German football and especially for the top clubs.”