Iniesta: We know what Mourinho is like

The English newspaper The Sun reported on Friday that Chelsea have started maintaining their playing surface ahead of the match against Barca, by putting sand out on the pitch.

Iniesta said: “We know what Mourinho is like.

“If the game turns out the same as last year then it won’t bother us if he puts sand on the pitch.

“He can put whatever he wants on the pitch — it’s all the same to us.”

Barca midfielder Xavi believes the sand on the pitch will benefit Chelsea.

Xavi said: “This seems very bad for us because they play direct football and Barcelona have a passing game. This will benefit them but not us.

“We won at Stamford Bridge last year on the sand but only just. It wasn’t easy and it helped they were a man down.

“We prefer to have a good pitch and when they come to the Nou Camp we will water the surface, so we can play a fast passing game on the floor, the way we like.”