Jewell: Liverpool will finish top four

Jewell said: “I think we are better equipped to try to take something off the big boys now, though with injuries starting to kick in the top teams with their bigger squads are better able to handle it.

“But that’s not a complaint. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for us. We’d much rather be in this division facing the Liverpools and Chelseas than anywhere else.

“It’s amazing Liverpool have not won away from home this season. That record surprises everyone, not just me. Yet it means they’ll be even more fired up against us.

“I seem to recall they had a run like this two seasons ago as well. They still finished near the top and won the Champions League. So Rafa Benitez won’t be too worried.

“Liverpool will definitely finish in the top four, no mistake about that. And so they should with the world-class players they’ve got.

“We got battered at Anfield last season, when we gave one of our worst displays of the campaign.

“Then when they came to us, we didn’t have a single recognised striker fit. So we didn’t trouble them much that time either.

“It would be nice at least to give them a real game and make it exciting for both sets of supporters.”