Juventus ace set to join Fulham

The 31-year-old is expected to complete his move to the Cottagers within a few days.

“Hopefully it will come out well. I take Fulham as a big call and will experience another top league,” Grygera told CTK.

“The Premier League is probably the most followed competition at the moment and I am tempted by the prospect of being a part of it.

“This spell can teach me a lot as a footballer as well as a human being.

“I will come to know a different mentality and learn another language. The same goes for all my family.

“It is not easy for me to be leaving Juventus. Juventus is Juventus and, moreover, I have come to love Italy.

“But the situation there has developed in recent weeks that I would hardly make it into the nomination of 18 or 20 players.

“I have decided to leave and Fulham are an excellent option.”