Kalou: I know I will score

The Ivory Coast attacker has yet to score in the Premiership for the Blues.

Kalou told Reuters: “I know I will score. I know I will but I don’t know when.

“I just have to be patient.

“I know they need me. Even if I’m not in the groove, I have to fight to stay in the team.

“Every day, in training you have to be 100 percent. You don’t have time to take a rest as you need to be focused all the time.

“I feel disappointed because, as a striker, if you get a few good chances, you must score.

“When you are a striker and you are not scoring goals, you start to tighten up.

“And, when you get the chance, you make the quick decision and sometimes the quick decision is not the best.

“It’s not like it’s an obsession. I know that goals will come.

“Look at Didier Drogba this year – he scores in every game.

“There is a moment when every ball you touch goes in. It will come for me soon.”