Kenyon: Chelsea will overtake Man Utd popularity

He said: “Chelsea as a football club and a brand is more dynamic, more relevant (than Man Utd).

“We’re expected to do things a bit different and that’s part of the DNA of Chelsea, being based in one of the top three cities in the world, which is another difference from Manchester.

“It’s not a criticism of United, it’s in the context of where we differ. They are built around heritage.

“And if you look at their record of eight Premiership titles, two Doubles and the Treble in 1999, they’ve set the benchmark for every other English club.

“Chelsea didn’t have a tragedy, they didn’t have 10 years of unbelievable success in the 60s which culminated in winning the European Cup. It didn’t have the domination and success of the Fergie years.

“It hadn’t got any of those. It didn’t have an old boys’ network.

“We’re very different – but things like Sunday bring us together. We are not saying we have overtaken United yet.

“But the growth of our fanbase is quicker than other football clubs and our revenue has grown dramatically and is now on a par with United.

“By 2014 we want to be internationally recognised as No 1.”