Lampard could have joined Inter

Lampard was linked with a switch to link up with his former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan.

“Last season, I was in a daze, I couldn’t think of anything else and, strangely, that makes it easier to play because you have a one track mind, no highs and lows,” said Lampard to the Daily Mail.

“At one time last summer I was looking to move.

“I just couldn’t accept the idea of playing at Chelsea without looking up and seeing Mum in the stand. Even now it is a huge gap in my life and very hard to handle.

“There were a lot of things that we used to do together, go to Harrods for tea, go to a certain restaurant, so suddenly there were shops I couldn’t walk into, all sorts of things from which I needed to get away. I thought: ‘I can’t live like this; I’ve got to leave London’.

“That wasn’t the answer, though.

“No disrespect to Inter Milan, they are a great club and everybody knows what I think of Jose Mourinho, but if I had gone it would have been for the wrong reasons. It would have been because of Mum.”