Lampard: Premier League title is more important than Europe

But he also admits that it would be a great achievement for the club to win the Champions League.

Lampard explained: “Of course, I would love to win the Champions League, to put that missing medal in there with the rest of them.

“But if you told me that in the next five years I would win the league title three or four times but no Champions League, well I would take that right now.

“I love Premier League football and the thought of us being on top of the pile again is terrific.

“That’s why I am desperate to win the league back. The best days of my footballing life were when we were winning the league titles, especially that first one.

“I honestly don’t think that will ever be topped. It was unbelievable. That day up at Bolton, when I scored the two goals to clinch the title, was a brilliant, brilliant day.

“We were up on the roof of the team coach afterwards singing and celebrating in front of all the fans — they are such great memories.

“That’s why I want the league title back most of all. And I don’t think it’s just me.

“I think if you ask any Chelsea fan, most would say they want to win another league title more than the Champions League even though the club has never won it. I totally understand that feeling.

“That’s our bread and butter and it’s great to know you are the best in the business at home and the fans have the bragging rights with their mates down the pub.”