Lippi: I’m on Chelsea shortlist

Lippi told The Sun: “I’m aware that I’m on the wanted list at a number of big clubs but specifically at Chelsea and I regard that as only natural.

“I know I’m a good coach and if anyone is surprised about top clubs like Chelsea wanting me then I just point to my record.

“I have coached teams which have reached the Champions League final four times, I’ve won Serie A five times and of course the World Cup, too.

“If anyone thinks that a move to a big English club is beyond me then I’d just say ‘give me a break’.”

He added: “I’m ready, willing and enthusiastic to coach in England even though I know that people mistakenly say I can’t speak English.

“What such people forget is that football is multi-lingual – every major club has players from many different countries and I can speak enough English and French as well as Italian.

“There are already a number of foreign coaches working in England so I cannot see why people might say that Chelsea is not the place for me.

“It feels wholly understandable after a year out and given my CV that a big club wants to sign me and I will make my final decision in May.”