Liverpool boss Benitez: Anfield crowd will be a key player for us

He said: “The key against a very good team like Chelsea is showing everything together – ability, being well organised and showing character.

“I just feel our fans will be a key player for us. When you can hear them, they make the players run faster. I have confidence in this and the only thing is to control any anxiety and do the right things throughout the game.

“I don’t want to analyse what they (Chelsea) say or what they do. All I know is that this is a team that spends millions and needs to win trophies. And if now they cannot win the league they will certainly be under pressure against us.

“Winning the league could be difficult for them now – and maybe also the Champions League as well.

“But when you play against a team that, in the last five years, has spent more money on players than anybody in the world you cannot say for sure you can beat them.

“They are still the favourites. It is very clear. If you analyse the money that has been spent and the value of each player we are the underdogs.”