Man City ace believes he was right to snub Chelsea skipper’s handshake

The former team-mates faced each other for the first time since Terry’s affair with the mother of Bridge’s son.

Bridge shook hands with the rest of the Chelsea players, but withdrew his hand while Terry offered his.

A close friend of the City defender told The Sunday Mirror: “Wayne has absolutely no regrets and couldn’t care less if the world witnessed it.

“He would do it a thousand times more. He has no time for Terry and will never forgive him.”

Terry looked troubled during the game that Chelsea lost 4-2 to City at Stamford Bridge.

Bridge’s close friend added: “This is the very reason why Wayne decided to stand down from England. People seem to think he doesn’t care but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“He can’t find it in his heart to forgive Terry for what he’s done but also felt the hype around it all would spill over into the World Cup and have an adverse effect on England’s chances.

“He didn’t share the views that on the pitch it would all be forgotten and was well aware the critics would have a field day if Terry and Wayne played in the same side.”