Man City want to emulate Arsenal

City have spent almost £200million on new players, following the takeover of the club by Sheikh Mansour in September last year, but Cook insists they do not want to keep splashing the cash.

“That is absolutely (a model to aspire to) because, financially, it’s a better model than one where you get into negotiating a market price that has no pre-determining factors other than supply and demand,” he said.

“That’s a model I don’t subscribe to and one I don’t want to be beholden to. I would rather control or manage our destiny over the long term.

“What we are clear on is that we don’t think there will be another couple of windows like we have just been through. And I think you’re going to see Manchester City really ramp up its activity in the youth area, in the development area of players.

“There’s often opinion that we are just going to keep buying players, but that’s actually the antithesis of what we’re trying to do.”

“What we have to do a good job of for the future is create the next first team of players as they come through,” he added in the Daily Express.

“A year ago we didn’t really have scouting network. We now have 12 people employed by the club working worldwide.

“That’s going to start to pay off as we go forward.”